Why Big Gorgeous?

My Dad passed away from cancer just over a year ago and this has motivated me to organise this event. All profits will be going to Cancer Research UK. We're losing far too many wonderful people to this terrible disease. My dad was a talented musician; bringing people together for excellent music and good times is something my dad would have loved. So, having worked in Bristol as a musician and music educator over the last 20 years, a festival to raise money and awareness for a Cancer Research charity seemed like the natural choice and a positive way to respond.

I'm incredibly excited about the great line-up of musicians we have for the festival whom, in many cases, are performing for significantly smaller fees than they normally command. However the festival still has still has infrastructure and organisational costs. In order to meet these costs and ensure that we can raise as much as possible for Cancer Research the festival is indebted to the business that have come on board to sponsor the event. I've been truly overwhelmed by the good will of these business who have got behind the festival and supported the cause. Without them it really couldn't happen and I can't thank them highly enough.